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[eclipse-dev] Planning meeting notes - Status for Platform UI

Rich Client Platform:
- received positive endorsements from interested product teams
- the merge back into HEAD of RCP stream is delayed until just after M4 to 
avoid extra end-of-milestone swirl, and reduce impact on teams
- adding application-independent test harness to Workench
- pushing back down new item wizards and import/export wizards to generic 
workbench layer
- fixing up perspective customization dialog
- updating porting guide
- merging latest changes in HEAD into RCP stream
- continuing to validate porting guide against other plugins (including 
new org.eclipse.ui.console plugin)

- continuing refinement of roles prototype
- alignment of notions of context and activity
- examining filtering Help content by role/activity
- starting investigation of content-based filtering of object 
contributions (i.e. for different flavours of XML files)

- stability improvements to job manager
- improvements to progress UI:
  - progress service to encapsulate presentation of progress 
  - increased use of status line progress monitor rather than progress 

Key Bindings:
- new support for showing key bindings in context menus
- bug fixing 
- test plan / test suite

- aiming to get first cut of instrumentation support in for M4
- sorting out issues of UI presentation, data communication, and privacy 
and legal concerns
- first instrumentation package will gather statistics on preference usage
- results will be sent and stored in a CVS  repository (IBM internal only, 
for first cut)

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