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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Oct 1, 2003 (component leads: pls read before meeting)

 Discussion Topics

JDT Core:
- new automatic POST_CHANGE notification (i.e. automatic checkpoints).
  - Long running operations may broadcast intermediate refresh notifications, thus
    revealing internal aspects.
  - PDE has reported this, and we believe this could be a problem in our JDT tests,
    since we are assuming a workspace runnable is queuing all change notifications
    until the end (and thus expect a very specific shape of batched delta, we may
    no longer rely upon).
  - This may account for some random JDT Core test failures in integration/nightly build.
  - Request: provide an API which provides the old behavior (extra flag on
    IWorkspaceRunnable ?).

Platform Core:
- Xerces!
  - we need to decide what the story is for "life after Xerces"
  - the right answer is to get people to convert to using the JAXP APIs and
    then stop shipping Xerces in the Eclipse SDK
  - do we get people in the SDK to convert to something faster?
    - still no word on XMLPull and from the open source committee
    - PicoXML is another light-weight XML parsing solution (part of SMF)


- Christophe Cornu presenting at Webservices Edge 2003 West


JDT Core:
- tuned the new (owned) working copy support to meet JDT UI expectation
- new code formatter is almost complete, working on its hundreds of preferences
- will step away from IBuffer to platform/text document based implementation
  inside model (breaking change)

Rel Eng:
- working with Core team to fix bugs in packaging facilities in PDE Build
- gathering information and creating examples for article on PDE Build and
  automated builds
- bug fixing (NL tool)

- more experimentation with background label providers in debugger
  - implementation will be deferred to M5
- requested new plug-in for generic string substitution support
  - may make M5, if plug-in is created quickly :-)
- console line trackers can be notified when a console's streams are closed,
  via a new interface IConsoleLineTrackerExtension
- support to retrieve the available strata for a Java class type
- bug fixing

- bug fixing

- wrote a document describing the progress support that is needed in 3.0:
- started prototyping requirements mentioned in the progress support doc.
- CVS QuickDiff provider released.
- started porting the CVS console to the generic console. This was put on hold
  until after M4 so that we can focus on testing and fixing responsiveness bugs.
- debugging and testing responsiveness changes.
- started writing the Team API proposal.
- bug fixing.

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- further improvements of regex-based find/replace in editors
- quick diff annotations are now indistinguishable from other annotations:
  - i.e. they can be shown in text, in the overview ruler, and can serve as
    navigation targets
- continued work on Javadoc spelling (not yet released)
- continued work on rcp
- working on generalizing file buffers to cover files that are not in the

- continued working on new refactoring "Introduce Parameter"
- started cleaning up the XML _expression_ language used for refactoring
- continued integrating new code formatter and switching to primary working
  copy support
- discussed the current JDT/UI AST rewriter implementation with JDT/Core

Platform/UI (Andre):
- worked on roles and activities:
  - added summary to Platform/UI web site
  - implemented roles for launch configurations

Platform Core:
- Responsive UI:
  - background auto-build turned on by default in integration builds
  - bug fixing related to background auto-builds
  - fixing dead lock cases in Core, Team and their interaction
- RCP:
  - Jeff and Pascal in Austin talking to OSGi group
  - Equinox builds being generated on a regular basis

- added rudimentary support for roles in Help (filtering books based on
  active roles).

- PDE now 'tolerates' OSGi (fixed registry casting problem)
- redesigned update site editor to be simpler and cleaner
- source editor for extensions.xml will be in for M4 (to support Eclipse
  bundle development)
- will will be looking at moderate PDE rework to handle rudimentary OSGi
  bundle development scenarios (from 'New>Hello, World bundle' to deployment)

- exploring Update redesign (how to make Update story simpler, cleaner and
  more robust)
- working on JUnit test cases for command line update operations.

- more keyboard fixes to address platform differences
- 2.1.2 BIDI test pass
- critical checks added to JNI on GTK

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