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Re: [eclipse-dev] [ANN] Speed-up with the CVS plugin

I hate to clutter the list with chatter, but I just have to say that this 
feature is AWESOME!

I can view changes with ease, my updates happen five minutes before I started 
them, and I swear this option taught me how to dance. :-)

Thanks, guys.

- Jared

On Monday 29 September 2003 06:43 am, Jean-Michel Lemieux wrote:
> In the last integration build we added support for specifying separate
> read and write
> connection methods for a single CVS repository location. The motivation
> was to allow
> operations that require only read access to the repository to use a faster
> connection
> method while still allowing write operations to use the authenticated
> connection.
> The common use-case is to use an anonymous pserver for the read connection
> and either
> an 'ext' or 'extssh' connection as the write. This means that operations
> where the authentication
> overhead was longer than the time to transfer contents, there is a huge
> responsiveness gain.
> The areas where we have seen the most improvements are: browsing changes
> via
> the synchronize view, opening remote files, browsing a repository,
> merging, and comparing.
> Here are the steps for configuring a read connection for an existing 'ext'
> or 'extssh'
> connection:
> 1. Create a read repository location (e.g. for Eclipse developers create
> an anonymous
> pserver connection to
> 2. From the repositories view, select your existing 'ext' or 'extssh'
> repository location
> and open the properties page via the context menu.
> 3. Configure the read location for the connection method.
> The current UI for creating/configuring read and write locations is pretty
> weak, and we
> will be working on improving this for 3.0. In the mean time you can
> benefit from the
> responsiveness gains now!
> Cheers,
> Jean-Michel
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