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[eclipse-dev] [ANN] Speed-up with the CVS plugin

In the last integration build we added support for specifying separate 
read and write 
connection methods for a single CVS repository location. The motivation 
was to allow
operations that require only read access to the repository to use a faster 
method while still allowing write operations to use the authenticated 

The common use-case is to use an anonymous pserver for the read connection 
and either
an 'ext' or 'extssh' connection as the write. This means that operations 
where the authentication
overhead was longer than the time to transfer contents, there is a huge 
responsiveness gain.

The areas where we have seen the most improvements are: browsing changes 
the synchronize view, opening remote files, browsing a repository, 
merging, and comparing.

Here are the steps for configuring a read connection for an existing 'ext' 
or 'extssh' 

1. Create a read repository location (e.g. for Eclipse developers create 
an anonymous
pserver connection to

2. From the repositories view, select your existing 'ext' or 'extssh' 
repository location
and open the properties page via the context menu.

3. Configure the read location for the connection method.

The current UI for creating/configuring read and write locations is pretty 
weak, and we
will be working on improving this for 3.0. In the mean time you can 
benefit from the 
responsiveness gains now!


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