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Re: [eclipse-dev] Luxury edition of the Log view

David Whiteman wrote:
Thursday, June 19, 2003, 10:39:39 AM, Dejan Glozic wrote:

The view itself is part of a very lightweight plug-in
(org.eclipse.pde.runtime) that is part of PDE but is self-sufficient.
Still, it is in PDE because it is most useful to developers who tend to
cause many exception while developing new plug-ins (ideally, finished
products should have clean logs; when they don't, users have no idea what
to do with the information :-).
Actually, if they are people who develop code using Eclipse JDT but don't
use the PDE (such as myself), then they might still know what to do
with it.  I'm not talking about end users, I'm talking about Java
developers who don't necessarily develop plugins (such as those using
IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer, which doesn't have the PDE).
In other words, I don't think the log necessarily has anything to do
with the PDE; why not decouple it?


I find this is also very useful for people simply using 3rd party plugins that might cause errors. It makes it much easier to report these errors to the developers of those plugins. As a side-effect, it might also avoid some errors to be reported to the Eclipse bugzilla which are in fact errors of 3rd party plugins.

But more generally speaking, if the platform provides error logging, why shouldn't it also provide the View for viewing the log?

Really very nice View, by the way!


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