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RE: [eclipse-dev] Luxury edition of the Log view

I agree with David but would go further to say that when something crashes the user gets a message saying an error has occurred, and to 'see the error log'. If that message was reworded a little, and the Error Log view was one of the basic views, then it wouldn't be as confusing to new users as it is now. (Also I'd like to see a preference to limit the log size somehow, it gets *huge* sometimes.)

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> From: David Whiteman [mailto:dlwhiteman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 10:53 AM
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> Subject: Re: [eclipse-dev] Luxury edition of the Log view
> Actually, if they are people who develop code using Eclipse 
> JDT but don't
> use the PDE (such as myself), then they might still know what to do
> with it.  I'm not talking about end users, I'm talking about Java
> developers who don't necessarily develop plugins (such as those using
> IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer, which doesn't have the PDE).
> In other words, I don't think the log necessarily has anything to do
> with the PDE; why not decouple it?

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