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Re: [eclipse-dev] request for comments - improved file encoding support

I think you should also provide a way for querying an associated Team 
provider for encoding information. There are some SCMs out there that  
either know the encoding of a file or that provide conversion between 
charsets on their own.


On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Rafael Chaves wrote:

> Hi all,
> Platform/Core has started working on improving file encoding support (plan 
> item - bug 37933). The goal is to allow clients to find out which specific 
> encoding should be used when reading the contents of a file using a text 
> stream.
> The initial proposal is under the Platform/Core web area (Core Component 
> Planning -> Commited Items). Here is a direct link (may be split in two 
> lines):
> This work would involve changing all clients of IFile.get/setContents that 
> use text streams  (Java Core/UI, Search, Platform Text, Compare, ...) to, 
> instead of using the workspace default encoding, use the resource specific 
> encoding, and to react to resource change notifications regarding changes 
> of encoding. We would also need UI (Platform/JDT) for (re)setting/browsing 
> encodings on resources. Also, the current mechanism in Platform Text for 
> setting encodings would have to be retrofiited to work with the new 
> support from Core. 
> We need feedback from the affected teams on whether this proposal makes 
> sense for their needs and their willingness to adopt/expose the new 
> functionality.
> Thanks,
> Rafael

"Engineering does not require science. Science helps a lot but 
people built perfectly good brick walls long before they knew why 
cement works." - Alan Cox

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