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[eclipse-dev] request for comments - improved file encoding support

Hi all,

Platform/Core has started working on improving file encoding support (plan item - bug 37933). The goal is to allow clients to find out which specific encoding should be used when reading the contents of a file using a text stream.

The initial proposal is under the Platform/Core web area (Core Component Planning -> Commited Items). Here is a direct link (may be split in two lines):

This work would involve changing all clients of IFile.get/setContents that use text streams  (Java Core/UI, Search, Platform Text, Compare, ...) to, instead of using the workspace default encoding, use the resource specific encoding, and to react to resource change notifications regarding changes of encoding. We would also need UI (Platform/JDT) for (re)setting/browsing encodings on resources. Also, the current mechanism in Platform Text for setting encodings would have to be retrofiited to work with the new support from Core.

We need feedback from the affected teams on whether this proposal makes sense for their needs and their willingness to adopt/expose the new functionality.



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