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RE: [eclipse-dev] GPL'd Plug-ins

> I guess I could rephrase my question as:  are plug-ins loaded in such a
> way that the GPL would propagate across the plug-in boundary and consume
> the entire framework?  (from other emails in this thread, I'm guess that
> the answer is yes.)

Again, IANAL - but putting aside the GPL/CPL issue, you generally
do *not* have the ability to redefine the terms under which someone
else's work is licensed.  Consider that Windows & OS X are not GPL'd,
though you can find losts of GPL'd software that will run on both

You can't force a GPL'd program to come under another license, period -
the same goes for programs that fall under other licences as well.
In the case of incompatible licenses, you may end up in a situation
where you have violated the terms of one or more of those licenses.
That's all (well, that's enough to get you in trouble, anyways :-)
The license terms do not "propagate" one way or another.


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