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Re: [eclipse-dev] draft of 2.1.1 release notes

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                      Sent by:                  Subject:  [eclipse-dev] draft of 2.1.1 release notes                                    
                      06/09/2003 04:03                                                                                                  
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All teams,

I've attached a draft of the 2.1.1 release notes. Please review section 3
(Known Issues) to make sure that they are all still needed. In particular,
we need to get rid of any items that have been addressed in 2.1.1.  Also,
please check the table in section 7 (automatically generated from a
bugzilla query) to be sure that all the problems you fixed for 2.1.1 are
in the list.

Please send me any corrections no later than noon Wednesday (June 11).


p.s. Up-to-date 2.1.1 release notes are also found in
<eclipse-install>/eclipse/readme/readme_eclipse.html in any 2.1.1 build.

#### readme_eclipse.html has been removed from this note on June 09 2003 by
Dejan Glozic

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