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Re: [eclipse-dev] Global library in eclipse.. (just like JBuilder)

Thanks Scott. It did help indeed. And sorry for the spam.

On a related note, I couldn't find anything like jdt-users mailing list. I saw a newsgroup on though. Do mailing lists exist for "users" or they are only for "developers" ?

Scott Stanchfield wrote:

(You should ask questions like this on the eclipse newsgroups -- these
mailing lists are for development [of eclipse itself] discussions)

As a quick answer, I'd create a project containing the common libraries and
just have the other projects reference the common-lib project on their
classpath. You can do this by right-clicking a project that needs the common
libs, select "Java Build Path", click on the "Projects" tab, and select the
common project.

(Note that this has been previously discussed -- you can search for things
like this at via the "Search" link.)

Hopefully support will be added to create custom libraries (like the JDK
libraries that exist) -- I haven't seen a way to do that yet, so you need to
create a new project for each common library (set of jars/zips/paths, etc)

Hope this helps,
-- Scott

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Subject: [eclipse-dev] Global library in eclipse.. (just like JBuilder)

 I am pretty new to eclipse, I had been an avid fan(and user) of
JBuilder though. Is there a way to define global libraries in eclipse,
like one can do in JBuilder and then use these libraries in different
projects ? I know you can import other projects, which essentially
imports all the libraries defined in that  project, but that is not
exactly what I want.

Any help is greatly appreciated..


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