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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 21, 2003

- continuing work on a new sync view and sync API. Planning for the VCM Team to self-host on this for CVS within the next week for both synching and merging.
- working on consolidating the CVS checkout operations into two menu options (Checkout, Checkout As).

Philippe P Mulet/France/IBM@IBMFR
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22/05/2003 05:33 AM
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- making good progress on new implementation for inferring syntax error
messages (based on JikesPG heuristic). Should be released into next
integration build.
- reaching consensus on API change for closing gap in between compilation
units and working copies. Basically, if you use working copies, you
should glance at the discussion on the jdt-core-dev mailing list. Also if
you expect units to always reflect filesystem contents (as opposed to
editor unsaved contents), then again you should consider reacting to the
proposal. PR ID is 36888.
- new optional classpath problem for detecting usage of incompatible
required binaries (which .class file version is higher than target JDK),
will be in next integration build.

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Status (from those who sent it to me (/em sighs))

- a "Show hierarchy" action that pops-up a lightweight dialog
 that enables quick navigation up and down the method hierarchy of
 the selected element in the editor.
- continued progress on the refactoring participant support infrastructure.

- JUnit usability improvements, added support to scroll through failures.

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- continued work on improved smart typing
 - released Smart Semicolon
 - Smart Semicolon is the first typing action to consider the Smart/Raw
typing mode
 - placing of closing '}'
- continued investigation to improve information presentation
 - first user testing for the improved hover information presentation
 - appearance and behavior of change bar vertical ruler

- continuing work on:
 - extensible launch modes: the debug platform now defines a "profile"
   in addition to "run" & "debug"
 - variables for use in launch configurations (i.e. string substitutions)
 - JSR045 client

- put 3 bug fixes into 2.1.1 stream
- released new Xerces (4.0.13) into both 2.1.1 and 3.0 streams

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