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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build M20030521 (Timestamp: 200305211526):Automated JUnit Testing complete. Test failures/errors occurred.

The JDT UI Refactoring tests itself passed but an error occurred during the
tear down phase while deleting files. The tests have been changed to better
handle locks on files during tear down.
The map file has been updated for a rebuild.


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Hi folks,

As you can see there where errors in the 2.1.1 stream build.  Could the
relevant teams please take a look at let us know what you find.  It is
possible that the errors are related to the VM we did the testing with.
The test VM was the J2SC_20030521.  Please let me know if you can reproduce
these using different VMs such as an SR2 or SR5 (without SC).
Unfortunately we have not yet updated our test framework to allow you to
easily testwith the J2SC vm.

The releng test failures where caused by chkpii errors the new Xerces.
These can be ignored and I will add the new jars to the ignore list.



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Build M20030521 (Timestamp: 200305211526):  Automated JUnit testing is
complete.  Test failures/errors occurred in the following:


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