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Re: [eclipse-dev] RE: What's happening after 2.1?

From: "Andre Weinand" <weinand@xxxxxxx>
> >Eclipse doesn't run at all well under 1.4.
> I know of exactly one 1.4.1 specific problem on MacOS X: #30021.
> If you are aware of more 1.4.1 specific problems, please start
> entering them into Bugzilla.

I will rephrase that: Eclipse doesn't run at all well under 1.3. Printing
doesn't work, performance is noticeably slow, there are a number of drawing
glitches. Then in 1.4.1, font and color dialogs hang. Questions about the
MacOS X port tend to draw this response: "Mac OSX is still early access and
is not feature complete." Got it. I just don't want that to be the answer in

This is not a personal criticism (for any of the persons involved), but I
see it as a problem with the proposed plan.


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