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[eclipse-dev] RE: What's happening after 2.1?

The proposed plan seems a terrible idea with respect to MacOSX support. This
project seems to keep ticking along on the back burner (I have been
following its progress since November 2001), constantly improving but never
quite getting to "fully supported" status. Another year? Oh, my.

It is telling that the plan wants to jump ahead to JDK 1.5 support without
ever supporting 1.4. Do you truly want to go all this year and into the next
telling users "Eclipse is only supported running under 1.3"? This is
unsatisfactory on all platforms, but truly a bad plan for the Macintosh,
where the current JDK is 1.4, Eclipse doesn't run at all well under 1.4.
Unless this is fixed, when Apple stops installing 1.3 on new machines,
Eclipse will be dead on that platform.

Hate to be a wet blanket, but on these two critical points the proposal
seems lacking.


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