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[eclipse-dev] minor but important thing

Hello.  Sorry to bother with this minor suggestion: as I created long
packages paths to put my classes, then seeing TipTexts becomes 
tedious.  85% percent of the TipText is occupied by the packages
path.  e.g.
What I want is to see only "MyClass".  Think for example about a method
with 5 parameters!  Its a long TipText!  Hard to see (after so many
hours working and years of damaging my sight programming).

Is there any option to disable the display of the package path?  If not, do you
consider it a good suggestion for next releases?  It may be configurable 
from the Editor preferences.

Thanks a lot.



Ing.Mauro Daniel Ardolino
Departamento de Desarrollo y Servicios
Billinghurst 1599 - Piso 9
C1425DTE - Capital Federal
Tel/Fax: 4821-3376 / 4822-8759
mailto: mauro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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