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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build N20030410 (Timestamp: 200304100010): Build failed

The build failed as a result of the org.eclipse.jdt.core plugin version in its plugin.xml not matching that in the feature org.eclipse.jdt-features/feature.xml.

JDT Core team, please fix before the next build.



Sonia Dimitrov/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

04/10/2003 01:41 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build N20030410 (Timestamp:  200304100010): Build failed

Build N20030410 (Timestamp: 200304100010):  org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Cannot find plugin: org.eclipse.jdt.core_2.1.0
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