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Re: [eclipse-dev] Out of memory test failures

I downloaded the test and the build zip to my WinXP machine and then
started the tests in a command window as follows:
runtests jdtui

The tests all passed. Is it possible that there old data/workspace causes
the problem?


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             19.03.2003 17:10          test failures                       
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The same test failures occured with a re-run of the JDT UI tests.  In
addition, I ran the tests built in I200303018 with the eclipse SDK from
I20030317 and there were no OutOfMemory exceptions.

Please let me know how I can assist in troubleshooting this further.


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                                  Out of memory test failures             
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We suspect that the out of memory test failures where an indirect result of
the Help test hang.  These tests are being re-run now and, of course, will
be run as part of the upcoming rebuild.


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