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Re: [eclipse-dev] Important Source code changes in Eclipse 2.1 stream - README

The SWT components in HEAD are not what we released for RC2.

Dean Roberts/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
03/10/2003 07:57 AM
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        To:     eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Important Source code changes in Eclipse 2.1 stream - README

Hi folks, 

As discussed in last weeks planning meeting we will be updating the 
copyright notices in all *.java and *.properties files in the 2.1 
development stream. 

I will carry out the changes later today.  This should have minimal impact 
since RC2 was declared Friday afternoon and we have been in a test pass 
since.  I will send another email message just before I begin the changes 
and just after I am finished. 

Essentially the process is: 

1) Check EVERYTHING out of HEAD. 
2) Update copyrights in all *.java and *.properties files. 
3) Commit all changes back to HEAD. 
4) Version HEAD and release to the RelEng *.map files. 
5) Conduct a test build 
6) Perform a binary compare between the *.jar files of the test build and 
the RC2 build to make sure nothing "real" has changed. 

In essence if HEAD, as of now, is NOT what your team had released to RC2 
you have to let me know.  This should not be the case, but you never know. 

In addition, let me know if there is some reason this should not be done 
to your files.  As of now, the only files we will NOT be updating are: 
        JDT Debug Tests 
As the tests themselves require certain items to be on certain line 
numbers.  The debug team will be updating the files themselves. 

The plug-in doing the work will also flag interesting source files such 
        Files with multiple copyrights. 
        Files with multiple commiters 

If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations about the above 
please let me know. 



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