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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build N20030310 (Timestamp: 200303100010):Automated JUnit Testing complete. Test failures/errors occurred.

Just thought I would address the issues RelEng test failures in the last couple of nightly builds.

The RelEng tests do not represent a problem with the build.

        1) The CVSKTag tests failures are a housekeeping item and do not effect the resulting binaries.  These will all be fixed by the developers between RC2 and RC3.
        2) The complaint about the copyright tests being private was unexpected.  The copyright tests are not ready for prime time (nor relevant) but will be in the next couple of days.  I thought  making the test method private would simply stop them from running as JUnit ignores private methods.  However, I guess our automated test framework is trying to be smart.

Both the above will be fixed by the end of the current test pass.

The CVS errors are communications errors and likely have to do with network connectivity or machine configurations.  These will be resolved later today.  I suspect the passwords on the test accounts have expired.  


Sonia Dimitrov/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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03/10/2003 02:42 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build N20030310 (Timestamp:  200303100010):Automated JUnit Testing complete.  Test failures/errors occurred.

Build N20030310 (Timestamp: 200303100010):  Automated JUnit testing is complete.  Test failures/errors occurred in the following:  

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