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Re: [eclipse-dev] content assist

Please enter a defect against JDT/Core with build number. We aren't aware
of such a situation so far. Even if you have no steps to reproduce, a bug
seems justified anyway.

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Guys, I've been having a problem with content assist ever since m4 - after
a while, 'ctrl-space' stops suggesting classes that are clearly in the same
package. Flushing *.index files from metadata seems to help, but not for
long (6-10 hours of use)

I can't log a bug about it, since it only happens in one large project,
which contains roughly 500 classes and since I can't pin down exactly when
it stops working.

No exceptions are thrown in the log either. And what's frustrating is that
the same project works w/o any problems in 2.0.2

*Any* ideas are greatly appreciated.

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