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Re: [eclipse-dev] How do I get file content comparison in CVS.

Just to add to this, I am using Eclipse 2.1 RC1.  I *do* have the
"compare file contents" checked. 
One thing I just noticed is that when I check "ignore white space"
it pretty much works.  But, why should that have anything to do
with it when these are files that I had previously copied from the
server?  They should contain no differences, white space or
otherwise.  Bug maybe?
Thank You,
Bob Byron
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From: Bob Byron
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 6:44 PM
Subject: [eclipse-dev] How do I get file content comparison in CVS.

I would like eclipse to compare my local project against the project
on a server.  I have a project (under eclipse) on my workstation that
has been synchronized with the server project.  Everything is 100%
identical, then I "disconnect" and delete CVS metadata.  When I
"share project" again, I want eclipse to compare the contents of the
local file with the contents of the server file and decide based on the
file's contents if it needs to be updated.  Instead, eclipse is simply
stating the file is in "conflict". 
How do I get a file contents comparison?
Thank You,

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