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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build N20030127 (Timestamp: 200301271115): Build failed

OK, I am the proud wearer of the red nose this time :-). I checked the
nightly build and saw all the docs apparently generated by our code. Looks
like these files were generated in the workspace by our builder and copied
as part of the old build mechanism.

I will shut up now and let Releng tell you when to loose the doc


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At 9:53 Uhr -0700 27.1.2003, sonia_dimitrov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Build N20030127 (Timestamp: 200301271115):
>/builds/nightly/src/plugins/ not found.

On Saturday dejan@xxxxxxxxxx wrote in his announcement:

... Therefore, you can now safely delete your doc directory from your
plug-ins. ...

I've just followed his suggestion this morning.
But it wasn't safe... :-)

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