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Re: [eclipse-dev] Extension point schema transition

Please do not delete your doc directories until instructed by Releng.  There was a misunderstanding that the new Ant task was incorporated into our scripts when they were not.


Dejan Glozic/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

01/25/2003 10:12 AM
Please respond to eclipse-dev

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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Extension point schema transition

We are slowly closing on the transition to extension point schemas. Most of
the teams assumed ownership of their files or are almost done. Any of you
that didn't do it yes, please do so soon.

PDE team has written an Ant task that generates reference documentation
from schemas. I checked the last nightly build (20030125N) and the docs
look good i.e. normal. Therefore, you can now safely delete your doc/
directory from your plug-ins. The code that generates the docs is the same
that generates the preview in schema editor. If the doc looks good in the
preview, it will be good in the build. If you set you schemas for automatic
doc generation, you can turn the generation off now, but leave the PDE
nature because we will turn the validation on in the next integration

If you use an old workspace, you will need to enable validation yourself.
Just go to PDE Preferences->Compilers and switch all 'Ignore' levels to
'Warning'. For each warning you get, check with the declaring extension
point document. If you are using wrong or obsolete elements or attributes,
fix your code. If you are using the correct attribute or element but the
schema/doc appears to be wrong, open a defect against the team that owns
the extension point. These warnings are benign - they are just a result of
validation, and you will still be able to work as usual. However, you may
catch some stale code that way.

In paralel to validation, we will remove the 'safety net' in PDE i.e. there
will be no schemas in PDE to fill in the missing ones in your plugins. We
will test all the extension points and open defects for those that are
missing schemas.


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Manager, Eclipse Platform Components
IBM Canada Ltd.
Tel. 905 413-2745  T/L 969-2745
Fax. 905 413-4854

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