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[eclipse-dev] Reuqest for Information


Open Doors Software has officially posted Conga, a non-AWT, non-Swing GUI Builder for Java.

Open Doors Software is extremely interested in investigating the port of the kernel builder technology to Eclipse for commercial gain but sees a number of challenges in the SWT API because the base class of the SWT has no meta-data, life-cycle or property pattern interface implementation. These omissions in the design (common when not targeting a widget for builder support) makes it extremely difficult to implement a Builder against this API thru explicit, declarative inspection of the meta-data and materialization of an arbitrary widget. Further, persistence of a GUI which is extremely important is challenged because there is not an empty public constructor for o.e.s.widgets.Widget, the base class.

That said, these challenges may be overcome through a decorator pattern over the entire API but that would not be my first choice.

In order for you to be fully informed on the nature of this GUI builder and the issues in building a GUI builder that would compete with MS Visual Studio, I urge you to look at Conga itself. It is disarmingly easy to use because it is strictly visual. No java code is generated. It generates resource files (*.gui). If you elect to use the script editor to customize a specific widget, it will store the class bytes in the gui file as well. You can build the GUI part of a simple app in hours and days once you get the feel of it. Also, the API docs are online: for the actual product

You will see from the doc link that Conga owes its heritage to Bongo and FreeBongo.

I am deeply interested in conversing with anyone actively involved in the success of Eclipse on this topic to discover the commercial feasibility of this project.

Kindest regards,

Lane Sharman Conga, GoodTimes and Application Hosting Services BIO

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