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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes Jan 15, 2002

JDT Core:
- index space usage improvements
- JavaCore startup improvements (ClassCircularityError is now avoided)
- 97% of the tests of Jacks test suite pass

- AST based find occurrences in file action
- JUnit support to run/rerun a single test method
- class path detection improvement: detect outputfolder and libraries
  in addition to source folders
- refactoring
  - rename refactoring can update references in non-java files
  - new: move method refactoring
- JDT support on MacOS X
  - auto detect installed JREs on MacOS X

- console:
  - drop down down to select output source
  - scroll lock toggle
- support for launching with multiple output folders

Ant/External Tools:
- option to run external builder on incremental or full builds
- AntView is now reusing the Ant running options from Ant launch
- Ant Editor: Planty open source contribution adoption has started

Platform Text / JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- planning
- supporting PDE: PDE Manifest Editor outline+reconciling

- want to make the 2.1 requirement for GTK support to be: gtk2 2.0.6
(This will "fix" the following serious bugs which are caused by bugs in
 the GTK2 implementation of table and tree that have been fixed in 2.0.6:
  - 23503 Plugin property page hangs Eclipse
  - 24815 cannot launch eclipse: javacore dump
  - 28640 Double clicking on check box crashes Control Example
  - 25623 can't select items in Tree widget of local history
We have investigated and both SUSE 8.1 and REDHAT 8.0 ship with gtk2 2.0.6)

- on track with committed items for 2.1
- significant performance enhancements have been included in the latest
  builds. One is w.r.t. resource visitors. People are encouraged to take
  advantage of new resource visitor proxy API. (IResourceProxy,
- still doing further performance work for M5
- plan to release new feature work for M5 (in the PDE-Build space)
- major work complete for linked resources. Continue to flush out test
  suites and fix bug reports as they come in.
- involved in the co-op training
- bug fixing

- bug fixing
- move the schemas to the help plugins and update them with the
- start working on help UI changes to align help with the workbench UI more
  than in the past. Linda will provide mockup, images, etc.
- improve standalone help when running from read only media (i.e. cd-rom)

- bug fixing
- test JDT efix (the JDT efix was not good)

- bug fixing
- 'Find Unused Dependencies' feature is ready.
- new and improved classpath computation action is finished. For some
  projects with a huge list of dependencies, it used to take about 1
  minute to update the classpath of each project.  Now it takes about
  5-6 seconds for those projects.  
- ongoing work in this area will slash that 5-6 seconds by half.
- extension point schema transition
- need to write custom Ant task that converts schemas to documents

- last week:
  - documenting public build process
  - map validator plug-in
  - tag and Release plug-in
- this Week:
  - bug Fixing
  - CHKPII (NLS checker) integration to automated testing
  - bugzilla graphing work.
  - more plug-ins

- Platform UI 2.1 M5 plan posted on our team page:

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