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Re: [eclipse-dev] DRAFT 2.2 Plan - Reduce workbench clutter

Nick Lothian wrote:

I'd like to suggest one potential approach to reducing workbench clutter. While having configurable workspaces is good, workspaces tend to be static.
I'd like to see a dynamic approach to clutter management more akin to
Intelli J. When I'm coding, I want the maximum amount of screen real estate dedicated to my code. If you've ever worked with Intelli J you've noticed how it is able to dynamically hide extraneous panes to increase the total
visible code editing workspace.

Does the "double click on the editor tab selector area" (which expand the
editor to full-screen - double click to return) meet this requirement (at
least partially)?

I  think the double click feature is ok.
What i would suggest, is to bind actions to perspectives. like debugging automatically switches to the debug perspective. maybe the user should be able to configure for every action present to which perspective to switch. e.g. if i'm doing a synchronize i really wan't the cvs perspective to be activated automatically. so i can organize my perspectives like i want and automatically use them - there is no need to manually switch them.

bye stefan

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