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RE: [eclipse-dev] DRAFT 2.2 Plan - Reduce workbench clutter

> I'd like to suggest one potential approach to reducing 
> workbench clutter.
> While having configurable workspaces is good, workspaces tend 
> to be static.
> I'd like to see a dynamic approach to clutter management more akin to
> Intelli J.  When I'm coding, I want the maximum amount of 
> screen real estate
> dedicated to my code.  If you've ever worked with Intelli J 
> you've noticed
> how it is able to dynamically hide extraneous panes to 
> increase the total
> visible code editing workspace.

Does the "double click on the editor tab selector area" (which expand the
editor to full-screen - double click to return) meet this requirement (at
least partially)?


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