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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes Dec. 4, 2002

*** Status ***

- doing reasonably well for M4
- got some editor management improvements in (more work to be done).
- performance improvements:
  - update core only checked at startup if feature timestamp has changed
  - populate submenus lazily to remove a case where plugins were activated
at startup
- looking at ways for plugins to dynamically contribute menu items
- linked folder work is ongoing

Rel Eng:
- builder out for M4
- fixing bugs
- automated testing for builds
- working with QNX to get their automated testing going

- good for M4 (some PDE build work may slip into M5)
- investigating indirect build issue from PDE

- DBCS support is in for M4 with some outstanding issues
  (problem in GTK DBCS support may require a new GTK build to fix)
- want new Mac code base released for M4

- on track for M4 (some PRs won't be closed)
- improved efficiency of new decorator support
- looking at changes to how sync info is cached (expect significant space
- going to change how we keep track of how things are dirty
  (can avoid loading sync info when checking if projects and folders have
dirty children)

- more or less on track for M4
- "compute plugin dependency extents" (searches references to extension
points and classes)
- site building working
- improved binary project importing
  (can avoid copying everything by using linked resources -- note: default
is still to copy)
- now use full standard startup process to launch runtime workbench (you
see the splash screen, etc.)
- using registry caching for target instances

- finished spec for pluggable internal help appserver support; now
- need to be able to launch a modelless window from a modal dialog.

- fixed a few stop ships in 2.0.x stream (workaround)
- implemented conditional entries (based on dynamic team conclusions)
- looking at performance

- almost everything in for M4
- encoding support in editors (with warning if saving in non-workbench
default encoding)
- goto last edit (arrow with star in toolbar)
- performance optimizations
- bugs fixing
- refactoring of painter architecture delayed to M5 to avoid stability

JDT (all):
- performance:
  - found some problems; fixed all the easy ones
  - plugin activation issues have been addressed
  - found temporary memory consumption problems

- refactoring UI now based on lighter weight wizards
- logical packages
- build class path supports exclusion (and *optional* output folder per
source folder)

JDT Core:
- nested source folders
- indexing heap space consumption improved
- search in hierarchy improved
- testing with new test suite

- watch expressions
- new Ant view

- UI enhancements

Performance dynamic team:
- reasonable progress
- large workspace made available
  - all Eclipse including test suites and examples, etc.
  - 70,000 resources
  - all open source content so anyone can get it
- 123 performance PRs open
  - 39 marked as to be done for M4 (25 of those still open)
- going to move M4 date to middle of following week so people can get fixes
  since several teams did not feel they could get their performance fixes
  enough to release otherwise (do *not* want to drag into Christmas)
- footprint still needs to be addressed (more work in M5)

*** General ***

- teams to provide input for the "what's new in M4" section; we will make a
nicer looking version (with screen snaps, etc.)
- IBM inovation grant reviews: 190 proposals (!) (review should be done for

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