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[eclipse-dev] M3 Declared Stable

Hi folks,

So the Integration build from Friday at 14:46 has been declared stable and promoted to Stable Build M3.

Many thanks to all the developers that made this happen.  The JDT team in Zurich had to work late on their Friday and early on their Saturday to declare the latest JDT-UI good to go.

And a really big thanks to everybody in the Eclipse community for entering quality bug reports.  Please keep them coming!

Thanks All.

M3, correctly named, is now available on the internal mirror and is being pushed to  (Unfortunately rsync does not capture file and directory renames, so it is actually pushing all the data again).  Better that than risk an error doing multiple renames in multiple places.

So these two builds are equivalent except for the name of the zip files.  The M3 build will probably be available on in a couple of hours.  The I-I20021115-200211151436 build is available there now.

Also, just a note about this mirror delay.  We are working on increasing the bandwidth of our connection to the internet and server capacity so that we can host here.  Once this is in place there will be no difference between the local and public mirrors.  I will be able to publish the builds for everybody at LAN speeds.

Our optimistic estimation for having this in place is before year end.  However, as many of you may have experienced, you accept telco installation schedules, you can not dictate them.

Have a good weekend everybody and enjoy M3.


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