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[eclipse-dev] M3 Build currently available does not have the JDT UI fix in it

The M3 that I just announced as available internally with automated tests running does not include the JDT.UI fix.

Given the current state of bug recovery and rebuild requests I am inclined to NOT start a rebuild at this time.  Please take what is available and test it and give your team's go/no go.  Once the automated tests complete, presumably with no errors we will re-evaluate.

The re-evaluatoin will go like this:

        Who has critical fixes to go in.
        Have they verified they are must haves for M3.
        Any team submitting fixes must be available tonight, Saturday, Sunday etc. to declare go/no go.
        Teams that are declaring go for this particular build and have no fixes going in do not need to be available to give go/no go on builds that may (or may not) happen tonight and this weekend.

Hope this makes sense.


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