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RE: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse rant

Could you describe your system? CPU, RAM, JDK, eclipse build.

> 0. Open a file in Plugin Development view and edit it, Go into Debug
> view, start debug as Java Application then go to the Plugin Development
> view and having a blank (unrendered) window with no editor at all, I get
> consistant hangs, sometimes opening and closing the Plugin view pane a
> few times solves this.

Unable to reproduce. More exact steps would be helpful.

The same applies for point 1.

> 3. Eclipse is using 72 megabytes of memory under normal operation, even
> when idle, on average, where does all that memory go?

I do not know. You want to say its to much? Ram is cheap. Do you want to
suggest its a bad piece of software. Its not.

> 4. Spontaneous curruption of the .metadata worksapce information, though
> this happend a relatively low number of times (exactly 5 times to this
> day), it was the disease of myriads of exotic symptoms, the most common
> one being "Refer to the log file", and getting booted from Eclipse,
> refering to the log file showed errors of ClassLoader failing, and other
> interesting, surely by-design errors,

This seems to be reason for point 0,1,2. Could you file a bug with your

> 5. General unacceptable sluggish slowness, this is by far the most
> commmon problem,
> [snipped]
> but when tabbing and sharing my (multi tasking) operating
> system with more than 1 application, that is, an application other than
> Eclipse, the lags get to over a minute.

Did you ever check the used memory of your computer? I used eclipse on a
slow celeron on  a daily basis with 256MB, its definitly not the normal
behaviour. In fact its the fastest Java-IDE I used ever. And no, Emacs is
imo not an IDE.

Point 6 seems to be the same. From my point of view it a clear sign of low

> Another one, but "not a bug but a feature", The Eclipse way of
> recompiling upon saving is maybe an interesting feature in that "boo ha
> bad idea taken too far" anthropological sort of way, but otherwise its
> not very cost-effective in large projects, there should be a way to
> disable this and get back reality.

Its possible to disable it. But on  my 'tiny' projects I will never do it.
How large is your project? Perhaps that is connected to your slowness

> do
> you really expect any serious developer to use the tool seriously? in
> comparison to any other editors in UNIX (e.g., Emacs or vi) or Windows
> (e.g., Source Insight, or even Microsoft's own IDE) this is ridicules.

Cynic comments are your favorite toys? It seems you have had a hard time,
but that is no reason to insult all the people on the list.


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