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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse on Linux-Alpha

>>>>> "Gnana" == Gnanasekaran Thoppae <gnana@xxxxxx> writes:

Gnana> I tried compiling Eclipse 2.0.1 from source with Compaq JDK
Gnana> 1.3.1 on Debian GNU/Linux and the build was successful, but the
Gnana> target 'linux' created 32-bit binary. GTK is available for
Gnana> linux alpha and I hope there would not be major problems
Gnana> porting to linux alpha.  If there is efforts going on in this
Gnana> direction, please let me know.

Note that SWT isn't 64-bit clean.  As a result, making Eclipse work on
the alpha (or any 64 bit box) will be quite a bit of work.


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