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[eclipse-dev] Build schedule for next week

Hi folks,

As went out in the minutes from this weeks planning meeting, next Friday is the Milestone 2 (M2) date.  In brief the desire was for:

        Monday:        "Warm Up Integration Build"
        Tuesday:        Integration Build (M2 Candidate)
        Wednesday:        Recovery Builds as required
        Thursday:        Testing/Fixing
        Friday:                Final M2 build.

So a couple of clarifications.

1) Monday's is a holiday in Canada.  There will be a "warm up" integration build.  But like all our integration builds it will be kicked off by a cron job at 8:00 am and there will be nobody around from RelEng to make things better if submissions break the build.  For labs that are actually working Monday, if you would prefer a different time for Monday's integration build please let me know and I will edit the crontab.

2) Tuesday's Integration build M2 Candidate will occur at 8:00 am.  RelEng will be around to grind, encourage and spank as required until a clean candidate build that passes all automated tests is produced.

3) Times for subsequent builds will be set out as the drama unfolds.


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