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Re: [eclipse-dev] documentation??


What is the original format of the documentation? Is it MS Word and then you generate html or do you do it all in html originally?


Rick Moseley

Dean Roberts wrote:

No there are no plans for a PDF version. Creating the PDF versions for 1.0 was very painful. All the documentation is available in the downloaded SDK and online with the same look and feel as the doc in the SDK. I don't feel that a PDF version is worth the pain of generating and maintaining.

That being said, since we are an open source project if somebody wanted to donate generated PDF documentation we could probably get it posted.


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Hello Dean,

Any plans for a .pdf version of the docs ?

Tuesday, October 1, 2002, 2:51:43 PM, you wrote:

DR> The documentation is part of the Eclipse download itself.

DR> If you just want to browse the doc online here is the link:


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DR> Hi,
DR> Where can i get Eclipse Documentation Download for
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