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Re: [eclipse-dev] Re: [platform-releng-dev] 2.0.1, 2.1 Stream, version and Update Manager

Is there a branch name for R2.0 maintenance (beyond 2.0.1) ? I understand
the R2_0_1 branch should no longer be used for this purpose.
We (jdt/core) have a couple of changes to address 2.0.1 issues, which we
may want to release as a further patch at some point (still unclear).
Should we define our own branch for that matter (R2_0_MAINTENANCE or
R2_0_x) ?

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Too early and not enough caffeine.

Just a couple of clarifications.

1) Item two in the list of things to do "Plugin.xml versions for plugins
that changed in 2.0.1 will be increased to 2.0.1".  To be explicit the
changes should be made in the HEAD stream in CVS.  Naturally the 2.0.1 CVS
stream is closed and no changes should be made there.

2) Please do not change your plugin.xml files until Monday.  Monday is when
I will make the feature.xml changes.  Changing your plugin.xmls earlier
than that will break the nightly build.

Thanks to DJ for pointing these items out.


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Yes this makes sense.  However, before doing this I would like to make sure
that all teams have merged their 2.0.1 changes into the 2.1 stream.

So the "announcement" is that starting with Tuesday's integration build the
features in the 2.1 stream will be changed from 2.0 to 2.0.1.  This will
require the following changes.

       Feature.xml versions increased to 2.0.1
       Plugin.xml versions for plugins that changed in 2.0.1 will be
increased to 2.0.1
       All other plugin.xml files will stay at 2.0

We don't want to jump right to 2.1 since we must leave room for possible
future service releases.  (Don't read anything into this.  I have NO idea
if there will be other service releases).

Please let me know if there are any problems with this proposal.  If I
don't hear anything I will make the changes Monday and release the changes
to the Tuesday 8:00am integration build.


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There seem to be some strange issues re version # and update Manager

because Feature version in 2.1 stream still refer to 2.0.0, 2.0.1 is
considered by Update Manager as an update to 2.1 (which it isn't)

Can we change the feature version to 2.0.1, and use the fourth part for
integration build ?

PS: I must fix this nightly build break... not nice ;-(

Christophe Elek (Platform Update Core)
IBM Canada Ltd.

(905) 413-3467

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