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Re: [eclipse-dev] Where is org.eclipse.test?

Hi Peter,

Over the next couple of weeks, hopefully sooner, we will be moving the entire Eclipse build process into the CVS repository.  This will include our automated test framework, scripts etc.

The reason for the delay is we have to go over all our scripts to:
        1) Make sure they don't reference any internal servers.
        2) Don't contain any passwords etc. (they could since they publish results to web servers etc.)
        3) Clear up a possible licensing issue with the test framework.

Hopefully once these are out there you will find things that can help with your process.


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09/05/2002 11:04 AM
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 And I had seen that one before. But it involves me being there to click
the buttons to make it happen. Or is there a way to make that happen in a
more automated fashion?  I would like to be able to add the junit testing
into an automated build/test cycle with no human intervention other then
looking at a report and deciding if this are good or bad.
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> testing plugins is an FAQ:
> a.
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