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RE: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse 2.0.1 Released

Is there a URL for bugs fixed/new features in this release?
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From: Dean Roberts [mailto:Dean_Roberts@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, 31 August 2002 2:12 AM
To: eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse 2.0.1 Released

Hi folks,

Eclipse 2.0.1 has been released.  It is now available on the Eclipse download page at

This build is exactly the same (except for zip file names) as last nights R 2.0.1 stream build (I20020829 at 18:28).

2.0.1 is also on the Eclipse update site so that you can use the update manager to update your 2.0 installation if you wish.

Web links to the 2.0.1 build stream have been removed since they are no longer needed.

Please let me now if you have any problems.


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