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Re: [eclipse-dev] IMPORTANT News about 2.0.1

ui is good to go too.

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"Go" from debug (platform & jdt)


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Hi folks,

It just came up in a random conversation that yet another team has
forgotten to change the plugin version numbers of plugins that have changed
in 2.0.1.

So this broadcast is just to clarify.

1) If, and only if, you have changed a plugin for the 2.0.1 release then
that plugin MUST have its version number (in the plugin.xml) change to
2.0.1.  Also, references to those plugins must also be changed in the
appropriate feature.xml files.  I will take care of editing feature.xml
files as required.

2) If a plugin has NOT changed for 2.0.1 then the plugin version number
must NOT be changed.  (Yes I am repeating myself <grin>).

So all teams please verify your changes and make sure your plugin versions
are correct.  All teams pleas announce a go or no go that your plugins are
correct.  There will be a rebuild but not until I get confirmation from all


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