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Re:[eclipse-dev] File permissions on HP-UX

*sigh*  So now I realize that I forgot to make the corresponding build.xml
change when I released swt's file.  I've now made
the change in both streams, but this is too late for the 2.0.1 stream if it
was hoped that yesterday's build would be its last (?).  If this is the
case then a rebuild of at least swt will be needed in order for the hp-ux
fix to take effect.


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Not all the UNIX flawors require their shared libraries to be executable in
order to be loaded. In fact, we have only encountered a problem with HP-UX
*.sl libraries. Linux, AIX and Solaris libraries do not require this.

The file in org.eclipse.core.resources.linux is not needed because Linux
does not require their libraries to be executable. In fact, as you pointed
out, the absence of in file (key
'bin.includes') is preventing the file for reaching us at all because it
will not show up in the build and hence in the packaged JAR.

Bottom line:

Only 'true' executable UNIX files (like programs or shell scripts) AND
HP-UX shared libraries (*.sl) need to be listed in this file. And don't forget to include the file in


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File permissions on HP-UX


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If I read your entry correctly, all unix like executables (.so, .sl,
...) need to be referenced in the file.

I see some in the CVS 2_0_1 branch:
org.eclipse.core.resources.linux has a that
contains permissions.executable=os/linux/*.so

In that the dir structure in this plugin is
os/linux/x86/ - would the above entry actually work?

Also, if a is needed, should it also be
referenced in the bin.includes entry so it is added to
the packaged jar file?

Pat McCarthy

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