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Re: [eclipse-dev] 2.0.1 build notes permission

Hi Gary,

No you should be able to read the release notes.

Unfortunately our automated mirror mechanism is broken (currently being fixed).  I had to manually push this build up and some combination of tar and umasks prevented the correct file permissions from being applied everywhere.

I adjusted most of the stuff this morning but obviously forgot the build notes.

Thanks for pointed these out.  They should be fixed now.


Gary Gregory <ggregory@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

08/22/2002 12:53 PM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] 2.0.1 build notes permission


I am getting:
You don't have permission to access /downloads/201Drops/I-I20020821-200208211513/buildnotes/buildnotes_jdt-debug.html on this server.

Am I really not supposed to see the build notes? I can download the software...


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