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Re: [eclipse-dev] Source builds available

Dean Roberts writes:
 > Interesting question...
 > After we declared R2.0 "real" we actually did version the plugins in the 
 > repository with the tag R2_0.  Until then there was no R2_0 tag.
 > The source build scripts where generated at build time.  So the fetch 
 > scripts you have are the same ones that built GM6 before it was promoted 
 > to R2.0.

I see.

 > So we could go and regenerate source build zips that contained the R2_0 
 > tag for all the plugins.  However, each plugin would still have to appear 
 > in the fetch scripts since, unfortunately, not all the CVS projects are 
 > part of the R2_0 build.

Yes, I noticed that not every file in the sources has a R2_0 tag.
This bothered me.

 > I'm not sure how I feel about this.  As it stands 
 > currently, I know the fetch scripts you are running are the ones used to 
 > generate the build.  If I change them, that will not be precisely true. 
 > Granted the change is trivial but it seems the trivial changes are always 
 > the ones that smoke you.
 > In the past (and currently) we have a build strategy that gives control 
 > over the tags to the plugin owners.  The plugin owners then "release" the 
 > desired versions of their plugins to the map files in org.eclipse.releng.

Fair enough, but release tags for a overall release of Eclipse itself
and release tags for each project are different things and don't have
to be managed together.
 > I don't think we want to change this *but* it might be a good idea if each 
 > Integration build was tagged by the builder, at build time with the build 
 > name (I20020714).

Yes, I reckon that's right.  Then, doing a CVS release is a matter of
copying the "I20020714" tag to "eclipse-2.0-release" or somesuch.

It's important to be able to grab the sources for a particular release
with a "cvs co releasename" command.


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