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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 2.0.1 branch in CVS

Hello folks,

The time has come to create a small branch in the Eclipse development stream.  The HEAD stream will continue to be the major development stream where lots of bug fixes and new features will go.  However, we want to create a branch for Eclipse version 2.0.1.  

Version 2.0.1 will only contain critical bug fixes that are required by members of the Eclipse community that are shipping products based on Eclipse 2.0.

The Eclipse community and the PMC will work out the details of release dates and contents of future versions of Eclipse.  I just wanted to send out this email with the name of the 2.0.1 branch so that we can be consistent in the repository.

Please note, each team will branch their code when and if required.  However, it would be good if you could use the following name for your branch.




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