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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse compiles all my *.java classes when I start the IDE

A better place to discuss this kind of issue is the newsgroup.

Since you brought this up, would the difference of running Ant inside and
outside of Eclipse be related to writing to the console? If yes, there is
currently a bug report about it:

If not, please open a bug report agains Platform Ant explaining the


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I have a web application that I've been using Cygwin, Ant and a Homesite
(Text Editor) to build for the last few months.  I want to "experiment"
with using eclipse to do my java development, but everytime I open my
project, eclipse compiles all my *.java files and puts them in the same
directory as it's *.java equivalent.  I basically just created a new java
project and pointed to my project's existing directory.  My project's
directory structure is as follows:

            -- src
                        -- myproject
                                    -- com?
                        -- WEB-INF
            -- web

Also, is there any way to make eclipse run Ant (and other external
programs) without popping up a DOS Window?  When I run my Ant compile task
in Eclipse, I get a jikes window that pops up.  It takes me about 5 seconds
to run "ant compile" in Cygwin, but about 10-15 in Eclipse.


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