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[eclipse-dev] GM2 Status and build info

Hi folks,

GM2 is built and the automated tests are running.  This build is available on the local mirror now and are being pushed to as we speak.  However, this will probably take an hour.

GM2 contains code to fix the Update bug 20896.  A stop ship item affecting HP-UX only.  There are lots of doc changes too.

If you submitted doc please make sure it is in the new build.

That being said there will be a 2nd build today.  It will start at around noon and contain the following fixes (unless they are vetoed before then).

20799  Launching external editors from CVS repositories view       TEAM
20715  Synch outgoing not catching local file deletions            TEAM
19821  System Info does not show/list Features                     UI
20256  Switch resource perspective when opening Welcome            UI
20926  Plugins from workspace not picked up                        PDE
20323  Can not create plugin jars if plugin.xml not on CVS         PDE

Teams please submit your code as soon as possible.
Commiters please express your assent or decent as soon as possible.



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