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[eclipse-dev] I20020612 08:44 on

This drop has now been pushed to  The push is now happening to the test update site.

All automated tests have passed and teams should start sanity checking the build and signing off on it as go or no go for Test Pass 3.

We know there will be some rebuilds today.  It looks like these fixes should not invalidate all the sniff testing.

<This just in.  A no go for test pass due to Null Pointer in Tool Bar Layout.  They are looking at the problem>

Could those involved please send me an ETA on when we can expect the fixes.  Also please fill in any gaps I have left.  Also if you could give me the BUG IDs corresponding to the problem that would be a bonus.

Problem                                                People or Teams                        ETA (Rough)

Null Pointer in Tool Bar Layout (New)                        SWT/UI
Legal Files                                                Dean & Adrian                                15:00
Ant Custom Copy Removed                                Core                                        12:00
Core Build Notes Added                                Core                                        12:00
Emacs key binding regression fix                        UI                                        
Single click/double click behaviour bug                        UI

Since rebuilds will happen today please take note of the timestamp displayed next to the build name.


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