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Re: [eclipse-dev] Problem with I20020601

Dean, I agree the other teams can do sniff testing to get a level of
comfort their function is correctly integrated.

However,  I do not agree we can give a go/nogo for anything other that
"the" F2 build (ie. the actual build that we will enter test pass 2 with).
So do we have an ETA  for the fixed candidate F2 build?

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There is a problem with help and doc not being included in this build.
This is related to custom build scripts which need to be updated to work
with the pde-build.

This should not effect any other testing for go/no go status so I recommend
other teams continue their sniff testing.  We will rebuild as soon as we
have the build.xml fixes in for help.

My apologies to the help team who are being delayed.

We caught this last night for SWT but did not check for the other plugins
that had custom builds.


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