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Re: [eclipse-dev] Background Tasks


User questions related to Eclipse should be directed to the newsgroup. The
newsgroup will give you feedback from the entire Eclipse community, and
everyone there will benefit from your questions, and the responses they
inspire. This list is for questions on the development of Eclipse itself.

In response to your question, depending on what you mean by the UI "almost
freezes", you are indeed experiencing the expected behaviour. explicitly disables the menubar and window contents
while executing the IRunnableContext, to prevent the user from interfering
with the operation before it is completed. The fork parameter only
determines whether an extra thread is created to do the work. When calling from the UI thread, it is best to pass in fork=true
so that the UI remains responsive (the event loop continues to be spun).
However, since the window contents and menubar are disabled, the user will
not be able to interact with the workbench.

Depending on the behaviour that you want, you should look into
ProgressMonitorDialog, which opens up a modal dialog to display the
progress of the operation. Running a task in the background and allowing
the user to continue working is not currently supported.

You also asked about the evolution of the MVC area in Eclipse. The JFace
equivalent of the MVC model is the concept of a viewer. Is this what you
are really asking about? There has been no substantial changes to the
behaviour of viewers since 1.0. For more information, check out the JavaDoc
for org.eclipse.jface.viewers available from (take the JavaDoc link in the
Documentation section).

Adam Schlegel

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I'm trying to use IRunnableContext to spawn background threads, but what
happens is that the GUI "almost" freezes while the task is running,
regardless of whether I set the fork argument to true or false. I read
somewhere that this is expected behavior but what can I do given that I
to use IProgressMonitor? I'm using the ApplicationWindow as the context


Bent Rasmussen

pps. Is there any evolution in the MVC area of eclipse?

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