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[eclipse-dev] Restarting build momentarily

So we have fixed the automated test problem.   The automated tests where not invoking a headless Eclipse with the correct os and ws values.  This used to work but the default behaviour was intentionally removed from core since it is the Eclipse executables job to invoke Main with the correct ws, os and arch values.

Here is the list of the fixes that are in the new build.  We should have compile results in about 30 minutes followed by Automated test results 90 minutes after that.  (Please allow upload time before it hits

        1) www addresses put back into feature for install/update
        2) An SWT change that was initially rolled out is rolled back in.  Had to do with rectangle intersections
        3) We removed the pde-doc-user feature.  There should only be a plugin, not a feature.
        4) Fixed running of automated tests involving passwing correct ws and os values
        5) An SWT fix for accessibility
        6) UI fix for dialogs listed in menus
        7) Verified that a Core test failure was related to #4 above.  No new code from core but test should pass now.  (Or at least fail on its own merits)


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