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Re: [eclipse-dev] Features released to

A quick rundown on the newly introduced features and how we're using them:

The Eclipse 2.0 notion of a "feature" replaces the Eclipse 1.0 notion of
"component".  To a first approximation, a feature definition lists a set of
plug-ins. Features figure prominently in the update/install story: features
are the groupings that one sees when one goes to an update site; you
download and install features, rather than individual plug-ins.

Once installed, features play a relatively minor role. One feature,
designated the primary feature, is the locus of a product's personality:
the product splash screen, corner window image, about dialog material,
welcome page, and product. This information all comes from files in the
plug-in that has the same id as the feature.

In any very recent install, you will see that <install>/eclipse/ contains a
features/ as well as a plugins/ subdirectory.  In the Eclipse SDK, the id
of the primary feature is org.eclipse.sdk; inside the plug-in's directory
you'll see the various product-related files.

See the development resources for the Update component for various
documents about how the new features work.

In order to version manage the various feature-related files that are
inputs to builds, we've created new CVS projects in

For a feature with id, we define a *pair* of projects: - this project contains the feature.xml and
other update/install-time info for feature - this project represents the *plug-in* corresponding
to feature; like all plug-ins, this project contains the
plugin.xml and other info needed at runtime (mainly "about" info).

Eclipse 2.0 has the following "prominent" features:
      org.eclipse.sdk - Eclipse SDK - the primary feature for our SDK
      org.eclipse.platform - Eclipse Platform - runtime binary for Eclipse
Platform proper
      org.eclipse.jdt - Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT)  - runtime
binary for just JDT
      org.eclipse.pde - Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) -
runtime binary for just PDE
(There are also a number of other features needed for OS-dependent
segregation, as well as separate doc, example , and automated tests

Each of these features is now represented by a pair of projects in Each of the projects gets submitted to the build process
like other plug-in projects; that is, releng needs to know which version to
build with on each occasion.

If you have further questions after reading the relevant Update component
documents already posted, please address them to the
platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx developer maiing list.

--- Jim des Rivieres

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Few know of features... can you, Vlad or Jim give eclipse-dev a rundown of
what they are?



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Hi folks,

The features and primary feature plugins have been moved into  During debugging these resided on a test CVS server.  We
are now live.

Vlad or Jim will comment shortly on the care and feeding of features and
primary feature plugins.  However, I suspect most of you know what they are

So, all the feature and plugins now exist on  Remember if
you make changes to your *-feature project you will have to version it and
send us (RelEng) the submission to be included in integration builds.


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